Current NYC Pause Order Guidelines:

Face Coverings: The Governor of the State of New York has issued an Executive Order requiring all individuals over the age of two to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering (bandana, scarf, shirt, etc.) when in a public place and unable to maintain social distance. We have been advised that any area where individuals from separate apartments might be together is considered a public place under this Executive Order. As such, our lobbies, hallways, elevators, compactor/laundry rooms, stairwells, or any other areas in our building outside of individual apartments are public places for the purpose of implementing this law.

Restaurant/On-Line Food Order Deliveries: Please make sure you are available to receive deliveries from the service desk when they arrive. When possible, please pay for your deliveries and your tips in advance, either in-app or over the phone. This will help limit the number of outside persons waiting in our service area.

Grocery Deliveries: Because the available space in our service area refrigerator is limited, please assure that you are home when perishable food is delivered.

Newspaper Deliveries: Newspaper delivery will continue the way that you have it set up with the front desk. If you wish to make changes to that, please let the front desk know ASAP and they will do what they can to accommodate.

Other Deliveries: At this time, we are not accepting large deliveries that would require a delivery person to bring the item up in the service elevator. We also are asking you to limit your other deliveries to sundries, medicines, laundry/dry cleaning, and other essential items. Please call or email the Management Office if you have an extenuating circumstance.

Closure of the Club, Gym, and Pool: Club 200 was closed on Monday, 3/16, by order of the Governor’s Office of the State of New York, and will remain closed until further notice.

What we are doing to Protect our Guests

Housekeeping: Our staff is wearing protective face coverings and gloves for all cleaning. If you would like to schedule cleaning at a time when you may be out of the apartment, please call 24 hours before you would like service to ext. 1234.

Extra Cleaning: Our staff is performing multiple extra cleanings of surfaces such as countertops, elevator buttons, compactor room doors, handles for the trash chutes, and laundry machines, to keep the public areas as sanitized as possible.

Hand Sanitizers in Select Common Locations: Touch-free sanitizers have been installed for your use in both elevator bays and the parking garage. We have also installed antimicrobial disks on all of the elevator buttons.

Service Area: Keeping the service area functioning smoothly requires the availability of our staff. If illness should reduce our staff, we may have to curtail or limit the myriad functions that the service area provides. To that end, please do not enter the service area to retrieve your packages unless asked to by the service desk employee or concierge. Per usual, packages will be delivered to you once you have confirmed your availability to receive them.

Elevators: We are asking everyone to forgo sharing elevators with anyone except your family.

Deliveries: In an effort to maintain social distancing, all deliveries will be left outside of apartment doors instead of being brought into apartments. Per usual, the service desk will call once the delivery arrives or is ready to be sent up, and once there, our staff will either ring the doorbell or knock, and leave the package at the door. Please make sure that you only order items if you know you will be home to receive them when they arrive. Our staff is working hard to maintain a certain level of service, but they are reduced by half, and can get overwhelmed if packages start to pile up in the service area.

If you typically give our porters gratuities when they bring you a delivery, we recommend leaving it in an envelope outside of your door once you know the item is on its way.

As for outside delivery persons, again, please do what you can to pay for your purchase and tips in advance, either in-app, online, or over the phone.

What steps you can take to protect Yourself and Others

Simple Precautions Everyone Can Take:

Please refer to the below for NYS Covid Travel policies